Free Open-Source Ghost CMS Themes You Cannot Find in the Ghost Marketplace

Ghost's Theme Marketplace is great, but hidden gems await! Explore 5 feature-rich open-source Ghost CMS themes. (A bonus 🎁 included)

Free Open-Source Ghost CMS Themes You Cannot Find in the Ghost Marketplace

Selecting the right theme is a crucial step in establishing your online presence, and Ghost CMS offers a range of options to cater to diverse tastes.

Ghost CMS enthusiasts are well-aware of the Theme Marketplace, a go-to hub for stunning designs. However, the Ghost community harbors hidden gemsβ€”themes that shine outside the conventional marketplace. In this article, we explore five remarkable open-source Ghost CMS themes that may elevate your Ghost blogging platform experience.

1. Simply: A Medium-Inspired Theme for Ghost

Simply lives up to its name, offering a clean and minimalist design. Developed by godofredoninja, this theme focuses on simplicity without compromising functionality. Its streamlined aesthetics make it perfect for bloggers who prefer a distraction-free reading experience.

Key features:

  • Variety of post formats, including standard, aside, quote, and gallery
  • Up-to-date documentation and active developer community
  • Responsive design that looks great on all devices

Simply by godofredoninja

Inspired by Medium, Simply is all about clean lines and letting your content shine. Perfect for minimalist bloggers and storytellers who want their words to do the talking.

View on GitHub ➀

2. Aspire: A Feature-Packed Theme for Creative Professionals

The Aspire theme, crafted by aspirethemes, boasts a modern and elegant design. With a responsive layout and customizable features, Aspire caters to a wide range of content creators. Its versatility makes it suitable for various niches, from personal blogs to professional portfolios.

Key features:

  • Built-in portfolio section to showcase your work
  • Customizable layout options to match your brand
  • Integrated social sharing buttons to get your content seen

Aspire by aspirethemes

Elevate your blog with Aspire's modern and flexible design. This theme boasts a plethora of customization options, allowing you to craft a unique online space that reflects your brand and voice.

View on GitHub ➀

3. Verdin: A Multipurpose Theme with a Touch of Elegance

IrisThemes presents Verdin, a theme designed to captivate with its visually appealing aesthetics. Verdin strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality, offering a user-friendly experience. This theme is ideal for those seeking a visually engaging platform to showcase their content.

Key features:

  • Multiple color schemes to choose from
  • Support for different post formats, including audio and video
  • Easy-to-use theme customizer

Verdin by IrisThemes

Feeling artsy? Verdin's your match. This theme is a canvas for visual storytellers, with stunning image grids, full-width layouts, and a focus on bringing your photos and videos to life.

View on GitHub ➀

4. Mapache: A Theme for Adventure Bloggers and Storytellers

Mapache by godofredoninja introduces a bold and vibrant design to the Ghost CMS ecosystem. Tailored for creatives and bloggers with a penchant for expressive layouts, Mapache encourages users to embrace a unique and visually stimulating online presence.

Key features:

  • Beautiful gallery viewer to showcase your photos
  • Social share buttons to promote your content
  • Prism support for highlighting code snippets

Mapache by godofredoninja

One theme, endless possibilities. Mapache's modular design lets you build the exact website you need, whether it's a blog, portfolio, landing page, or something entirely different.

View on GitHub ➀

5. Paway: A Clean and Modern Theme for Personal Photographers

Another creation from godofredoninja, Paway, stands out with its distinctive and contemporary design. Paway combines functionality with aesthetics, providing users with a theme that not only looks good but also enhances the overall user experience.

Key features:

  • Responsive design that looks great on all devices
  • Support for different image sizes and formats
  • Easy-to-translate theme files

Paway by godofredoninja

Photographers and visual storytellers, rejoice! Paway's clean, modern aesthetic puts your visuals front and center, ensuring your portfolio captivates every visitor.

View on GitHub ➀

These are just a few of the many hidden gems you can find outside the Ghost Theme marketplace. With so many great options available, you're sure to find the perfect theme to help you create a blog that stands out from the crowd.

Oh wait, that's not all!

As a special treat 🎁 for our dedicated readers, here's an exclusive bonus tip!

Maxima: A Clean Blog and Magazine Theme

Remember that stunning, feature-packed premium theme 'Maxima' you saw on the Ghost Marketplace? The one that normally costs a cool $149? Well, guess what? The awesome folks at Aspire Themes just open-sourced the entire thing on GitHub!

Maxima by aspirethemes

View on GitHub ➀

We hope this blog post has inspired you to explore beyond the usual suspects when it comes to choosing a Ghost theme. Don't be afraid to try something new and unleash your blog's full potential!

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