How to Translate Ghost CMS Members Portal into Your Language

Translate your Ghost CMS members portal in minutes! Say goodbye to English signup forms and emails. Welcome members like a pro! ⚑

How to Translate Ghost CMS Members Portal into Your Language
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Ever wondered how to give your Ghost website's members portal a makeover in your language? You're not aloneβ€”many clients have asked us the same question.

Previously, we didn't have any built-in option to translate the members portal in a Ghost CMS blog. In March 2023, Ghost opened the doors for contributors to translate key components, including the members portal. An open beta version of feature officially launched in June 2023, making it readily available for all Ghost users.

This means you can now say "adios" to English login forms and welcome members with familiar words. Exciting, right?

Here's the good news:

  • 40+ languages and counting are already supported!
  • One simple setting in your Ghost Admin dashboard unlocks translations for:
    • Members portal
    • System-generated emails
    • Other essential components

Gone are the days when your site was in Spanish, but the portal signup UI and login emails stubbornly stayed in English. Now, by presenting these elements in your chosen language, you create a smooth, unified experience for your members.

With translations enabled, those elements seamlessly switch to your chosen language, creating a consistent and welcoming experience for your members.

Let's turn on the localization switch!

  1. Head to the Labs menu in your Ghost Admin.
  2. Turn on the "Portal translations" feature.
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  • Double-check your publication language under General settings.
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If your language is supported, you'll witness the magic unfold across your membership features. ✨

But wait! What if translations aren't showing?

  • Ghost might still be adding your language, but please note that RTL languages are not yet supported. ⏳
  • Your language might not be in the Ghost repository yet.
  • (If you have self-hosted Ghost on your own server), Your Ghost CMS version might be outdated. If you haven't updated your Ghost CMS in a while, consider upgrading to the latest version to ensure access to the latest features, including "Portal translations." You can find the latest version and update instructions here: How to update Ghost

Don't fret! You can:

  • See all supported languages here: GitHub
  • Contribute your language or improve existing translations: Instructions

If you are interested in adding your language, adding missing language strings, or improving the existing translations, you can head over here through the above link. For a step-by-step video guide on how to help translate Ghost, check out this. πŸ‘‡

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Let's make Ghost a truly global platform, one translated string at a time!